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Alasangker Village is a fairly unique village where people are very friendly with many traditional cultures as a sacred dance, a variety of gamelan, which is still performed every religious ceremony performed. Although the majority of its people were Hindus, but they still respect other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity.
As a society that is not too far from downtown, with subsistence farmers who grow rice each season and a variety of seasonal fruits like mango, rambutan, jackfruit, banana, durian, etc.. All of which it is a very popular attraction as a tourist destination a comfortable resting place away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Desa Alasangker adalah sebuah desa yang cukup unik dimana masyarakatnya sangat ramah dengan berbagai budaya tradisional seperti tarian sakral, bermacam gamelan, yang masih dilakukan setiap upacara agama dilaksanakan. Walapun masyarakatnya sebagian besar memeluk agama Hindu namun mereka tetap menghormati agama yang lain seperti Budha dan Kristen.
Sebagai masyarakat yang tidak terlalu jauh dari pusat kota, dengan mata pencaharian sebagai petani yang setiap musim menanam padi dan berbagai buah-buahan musiman seperti mangga, rambutan, nangka, pisang, durian, dll. Dimana kesemuanya itu merupakan daya tarik yang sangat digemari wisatawan sebagai salah satu tujuan tempat istirahat yang nyaman jauh dari hiruk pikuk kehidupan kota.

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1). BANJAR Natural Hot Spring
Banjar Hot Spring Pool, located in Banjar Village, approximately 25 minutes from Singaraja city to the west. Banjar Hotspring is become tourism destination where the water felt warm, slight sulphurous and and very suitable for bathing to eliminate the feeling of stress and more provide relaxation. This hot wIt will be good to swim early morning or late afternoon. Must wear swimsuit and not allow to use soap.
There are three pool, first pool a litle bit higher than the main pool another pool with water pours from three meter high spouts to give you back shoulder massage. Will be crowded when Balinese Holidays. The entrance ticket fee at 5,000 rupiahs/person Water source come from Mount Batukaru where the water is not many containing or felt the brimstone.

2). TAMAN AYUN Temple
In the town of Mengwi is the great royal temple of Pura Taman Ayun. Built in the 17th century, the temple served as the family temple of the Mengwi dynasty, whose kingdom survived until the late 1800s.
The name itself means beautiful garden, it is built on a high tableland which is surrounded by ponds. This give the effect from afar that the temple is floating on water.
The temple complex has three ground areas which rise in levels. In the most external is a general purpose hall which is used for religious ceremonies and for stagging of dances. Close by a decorative fountain.
There are multi-roofed structures, some of them having eleven roofs called “Meru”. The central section is surrounded by a small pond, thus the whole complex is symbolic of the great Mandhara Mountain turning in a sea of milk.
Many people visit this temple, not for its antiquity as it was only renovated in 1937, but for its ambience and air of serenity.
The temple has an ideal recreatinal garden, the air is cool and still provide a safe environment for all sorts of aquatic creatures which live in the pond.

South of Singaraja tourism object is Gitgit Waterfall, Bali highest waterfall. The waterfall is sixty metres high and as the water falls, it looks like white clouds falling down the mountain one after another.
The falling water almost completely covers the rockface of the fall. It is a refreshing experience to walk in this quiet area where the birds take turns to sing. The air is cool and gradually gets colder a you approach the waterfall. A short distance from the waterfall, the fine water spray will cool your body. Sometimes the atmosphere will become misty
Nestled deep in the mountains, this beautiful wildernedd area is a must for nature lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the larger town.

4). BEDUGUL Temple 
Beratan Lake is a shallow lake with the high caldera about 1231m above sea level and it is located at Bedugul, the famous tourist destinations in Bali. This lake have wide 3,8 km2 and also its deepness is up to 22 meters. The water volume in this lake is about 0,049 km3, so Beratan Lake is the closed lake. Tourist can access the Beratan Lake through the dock which have been provided or desist around Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. In this place, the visitor can do various activities like doing recreation to look around in dock or do the other outdoor activities. The various water recreation activities can also be conducted here, for example riding the boat motorize to circle the lake, parasailing, canoeing with the traditional boat, banana boating, water skiing, and others. Fishing activities are also available in this places for who one love fishing in the lake.
Bali Botanic Garden is unique in Bali as a place for botanical research, conservation, education and recreation. It provides a place where you can relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings while learning about the use of plants in the daily lives of Balinese people as well as many interesting tropical rainforest plants and birdlife.
The Bali Botanic Garden is situated on 1250-1450 m alt. with area 157.5 hectares (389 acres). Temperature is about 17 - 25 centigrade in daytime drop to 10 - 15 centigrade at night with humidity 70-90%. The weather is unpredictable, please prepare warm clothe, umbrella or rain coat.

Gua Lawah or Bat Cave is one of favorite places of interest in Bali and it is located near of hilly bank so it is called reef of Middle hill. This cave is located in Pasinggahan countryside, Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency, east part of Bali and about 1,5 hours from Denpasar Town. There is a nature cave dwelt by thousands of tail bat located at north side from Jeroan/center of Gua Lawah Temple . Meanwhile the main road from Klungkung to Amlapura is just in front of the temple. This cave is apposite to the beautiful beach with black sand along the coastal area.

Besakih Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali which the local people call Pura Besakih. It owns beautiful view from the top of temple area where we can see the wide nature panorama until to the ocean so that way this temple is many visited by tourists from all over the world. Besakih Temple is located in Besakih countryside, Rendang sub district, Karangasem regency, east part of the island. It is located in southwest side bevel of mount Agung, the biggest mounts in Bali. It is because pursuant to Agung Mount confidence is holiest and highest mount in Bali Island.

Dolphin Tours at Lovina Beach, north part of Bali is an exciting tour to see the group of dolphins with magic panorama of sunrise from the middle of sea with mountain as a back drop. The tour is using Balinese traditional boat with experience boat driver to explore the Lovina beach with magnificent view of nature surround it. Please contact ANEKA LOVINA VILLAS & SPA to book Dolphin Watching Tour in Bali.

Tirta Empul Temple or Tampak Siring Temple is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Village, Gianyar regency and it is about 39 km eastwards from Denpasar town. It is set in the dale and encircled by the hill. In the west side of this temple, there is an Indonesian President palace which has been found by the first president. The name of Tirta Empul is loaded in a inscription which is kept at Sakenan Temple, Manukaya village, Sub district of Tampak Siring, about 3 km from Tirta Empul Temple. In this inscription, the Tirta Empul is named by the Tirta Ri Air Hampul and then the name has changed into Tirta Hampul and finally become the Tirta Empul. Tirta Ri air hampul is meaning the water emerge or the holy pool (Petirthan) which is the water emerge from the land.

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